Advanced User Interfaces

Advanced  Users Interfaces (AUI) is a master’s degree courses where engineers and designers acquire hard and soft skills needed to create innovation in the field of Interactive Technologies and Applications. The course is centered around 5 key aspects:

  1. Interaction Design Process
  2. User Requirements Elicitation
  3. Scenario Based Design
  4. Prototyping
  5. UX Evaluation

The course follows the learn-by-doing approach: students acquire the skills through the realization of a project.

Hypermedia Applications (Web e Multimedia)

Hypermedia Applications (HYP) is a course for engineers (M.Sc and Bachelor) and designers (M.Sc) where students will learn to design and develop a web application. Course participants will start from the conceptual realization of the structure of the website with the preparation of the mockups to the development of both backend of frontend, with particular attention to important issues such as Accessibility and Usability.
Course lessons are available on our YouTube Channel

Interaction Design Studio

During Interaction Design course, designers learn to apply user experience design,
interaction design, and user interface design approaches, tools and methodologies, to design and prototype a digital service or an interactive application. Students will approach the problem both from a design and a technological perspective.
Course lessons are available on our YouTube Channel