Who we are

I3Lab (Innovative, Interactive Interfaces Laboratory) is a research laboratory at the Department of Electronics, Information, and Bio-engineering of Politecnico di Milano specialized in innovative interactive technologies. The current focus of i3lab is on virtual/augmented/mixed reality, smart objects/smart spaces, and conversational agents, and their applications in various domains such as health, well-being, and education. One of the main target populations addressed by our research are persons with special needs, in order to promote their social, emotional, and intellectual benefits. Our multidisciplinary team includes Faculty members, Post-docs, Ph.D. students, Master’s Students, and Research Assistants with heterogenous backgrounds, in software engineering, human-computer interaction, design, neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. We collaborate on many national and international projects with prestigious research labs, therapeutic institutions, and care centers, in Italy and abroad.

Contact Us

Politecnico di Milano – DEIB,  Edificio 21, Via Golgi 39, MI, 20133 

(+39) 135-9626



Mon-Friday: 9:00am – 18:00pm

Sat-Sun: closed

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