We are a multidisciplinary research laboratory specialized in cutting edge interactive technology at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bio-engineering at Politecnico di Milano.


At I3Lab, our focus is on virtual/augmented/mixed reality, smart objects/smart spaces, and conversational agents. We explore their applications in various domains such as health, well-being, and education.


Our research is particularly aimed at benefiting individuals with special needs, promoting their social, emotional, and intellectual well-being.


Our team consists of a diverse group of experts including Faculty members, Post-docs, Ph.D. students, Master’s Students, and Research Assistants with backgrounds in software engineering, human-computer interaction, design, neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics.


We actively collaborate with prestigious research labs, therapeutic institutions, and care centers both in Italy and abroad, working together on national and international projects.

Join us at I3Lab as we strive to push the boundaries of interactive technologies and make a positive impact on society. Explore the exciting possibilities with us today!