I3Lab - Innovative Interactive Interfaces Group

I3Lab a research groups within HOC-Lab (Hypermedia Open Center) that focuses on innovative interactive technologies and applications in various domains including learning, health, tourism, retail, and fashion. One of the main target groups addressed by our research are children with special needs, in order to promote social, emotional and intellectual benefits.

Our multidisciplinary team, led by Prof. Franca Garzotto, includes PhD students, Master Students, Research Assistants, and external consultants, with heterogeneous backgrounds - software engineering, human-computer interaction, psychology, and design.
Our most recent works in the children’s domain investigate the potential of "smart rooms" (rooms equipped with large screens, smart objects, robots...) to improve quality of life, health, cognitive and motor skills of subjects with Intellectual Developmental Disorders (e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willy...).

I3Lab technologies and applications have been designed in cooperation with specialists from therapeutic and education centers in Italy and abroad, and have been evaluated in several filed studies in real-world contexts.
In the domain of touring and shopping, our research investigates “smart cities” and how to provide personalized, interactive, ubiquitous user experiences to promote, advertise and inform citizens, visitors, and customers. These systems integrate public large displays and personal mobile devices and are based on a full-body interaction paradigm.