There are some illnesses that limit cognitive and communicative skills of an individual, among them we can and the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which is a dysfunction in communication skills, social interaction, interests and activities. The interest in children with intellectual disability is growing when observed from a medical and technological point of view. The pervasiveness of computing devices allows the integration of technical tools in healthcare: technology thus assumes a key role in modern therapies. One of the technological aspects not yet considered in autism treatments for children is virtual reality. The purpose of this work is to collaborate with medical associations to help children provide for themselves, reducing their dependencies on third parties. The personal and social autonomy is the desired end state to be achieved, thus enabling integration in the real world. To reach this goal the project leverages immersive virtual realities using a special viewer. This feature allows patients to stay focused on the exercise that must be performed. Such therapeutic sessions trigger a learning process aiming at a seamless understanding of the surrounding world. This study leads to the construction of Wildcard: a framework for creation, management and storytelling of activities. These stories help children in facing everyday life’s challenges. The system has been designed in cooperation with the non-profit therapy center “L’abilitĂ ”, resulting in an intelligent and immersive platform for children with autism. This enables a cognitive maturation through a playful entertainment that becomes a life lesson.