Conversational Agents

Voice-based CAs and chatbots are progressively getting more and more embedded into people’s home: 46% of United States adults uses them in their daily routines. The most famous are Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa (over 8 million users in January 2017), Google Assistant and IBM conversational services. Facebook alone has 300000 active chatbots powering 8 billion interactions between consumers and businesses every month. On the wave of these facts, Voxana originates from the international collaboration between academic world and industry and sees Politecnico di Milano, TIM, Alfstore, and GroupeSEB as partners, and it is funded by EIT Digital. It is an analytics solution for voice-controlled connected products. VoxAna intends to help marketing people to convert voice interactions into meaningful insights. It makes voice of customers real, by analyzing the voice channel to detect user’s expectations and turn tone into comprehensive insights. More in detail, as consumer brands keep looking to fully understand the user’s context, VoxAna is designed to deliver more personalized and contextualized experiences using Text (Speech to Text) and Sentiment and Emotional (both from content and voice tone) analysis. VoxAna offers a dashboard solution with metrics and insights for voice-controlled product or service to conduct personalized market research.