Smart Objects
Puffy, a robotic companion that we have designed in cooperation with NDD specialists. Puffy is meant to support educational and therapeutic interventions for children with NDD, particularly those with perceptual and sensory processing impairments and deficits in the cognitive, social and behavioral spheres. The design of the physical and interaction characteristics of Puffy is informed by:
  1. general design guidelines reported in the current literature on socially assistive robots for autistic children;
  2. lessons learned from our own previous experience on robots for children with NDD;
  3. feedbacks and suggestions on the progressive prototypes of Puffy offered by a team of 15 therapists (psychologists, neuro-psychiatrists, and special educators) from two different rehabilitation centers who have long-term, everyday experience of NDD subjects (children and adults) and have been collaborating with our research in the last 5 years.