Multi-sensory Environments
Ludomi is the project awarded by Polisocial Awards 2017 in which we developed Magika. Magika is the innovative technological solution that allows to transform any room into a “smart” space in which lights, immersive projections on walls and floors, music, sounds, aromas, and physical materials are digitally controllable, programmable, and interactive. The result is a “Magic Room” where children are exposed to multisensory stimuli and can interact with physical materials and multimedia contents through movements, gestures, and manipulation of objects. Magika allows to perform playful and educational activities (individual or collective) that stimulate all senses and are engaging. Through a tablet, teachers can control and configure each activity and personalize the experience according to the specific needs of children. Magika can be controlled and configured through a tablet. Thanks to an easy and intuitive control panel, the teacher can monitor, select, and improve the activities of the room. It takes just a few steps to choose activities and to keep an eye on what’s happening. Through the tablet you can start or end the activity any time, thus teachers can manage children inside the room better. Compared to traditional multi-sensory rooms like Snoezelen, the playful-educational experiences in the Magic Room have greater potential for children with cognitive disabilities because they are more customizable, stimulating and engaging.