Conversational Agents
The aim of the project was to develop a system exploiting the power of NLP techniques in order support therapists in the context of group therapy session with patient suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders – NDD. In this kind of session patients speak freely expressing their thoughts and feelings. The main problems highlighted were that it is extremely hard to gather insights on the thoughts of every single patient during group therapy and that often they stop coming to therapy because they feel uncomfortable or uninterested. The developed system takes these problems into account and tries to offer a solution. An iOS application is used by the therapist to manage and record a session as well to extract the content of the conversation using NLP techniques. The extracted topics and some general info about the session are saved into a database. A web application allows patients to interact in a more private way with the content of the session and to express some feedback related to the perceived importance of each topic as well as an emotional feedback about the session as a whole. The therapist on the other hand can visualize in various way the data extracted from the interaction of the patients to develop a better understanding of how they felt