News and Events

I3Lab is a vibrating environment! Every months many events occur around here… Workshops, conferences, public engagement events and activities with schools are just some of the activities we are engaged in.

I3Lab @ Policultura


Today I3Lab researchers held a workshop at final event of Policultura programme. 65 children from primary school, coming from all Italy, discovered the technologies studied in our laboratory, and then put themselves in researchers’ shoes to try to solve a real life problem. The results were astonishing, good job!

Welcome Shreya & Tanner!


Shreya Pandit and Tanner Bonner from MIT start today their visiting period. They will stay with us for 2 months, working on how to transform text speech to images. Enjoy your experience!

I3Lab @ CHI 2019


A delegation of I3Lab is currently participating to CHI 2019, Glasgow (UK). The laboratory is presenting a poster, “Magika, a Multisensory Environment for Play, Education and Inclusion“, and a participating to a workshop session.

LudoMi Grand Opening


LudoMi Magic Room have been officially opened to the public! During today’s event, more than 200 people from 5 different regions joined us to celebrate this important moment for our laboratory. 

Best Poster Award @ IUI 2019


I3Lab’s Poster, “GENIEL: an auto-generative intelligent interface to empower learning in a multi-sensory environment, was awarded as Best Poster in IUI 2019. Kudos to the authors! 

I3Lab @ IUI 2019


A delegation of I3Lab is currently participating to CHI 2019, Los Angeles (CA). The laboratory is presenting 3 posters.